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TU Incubator Member Spotlight: Mandrel

One of the great benefits of working at the TU Incubator is getting to work with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs with big ideas and the desire to make a real impact. This is especially true for our education technology members. Tara Gallant, Founder of

Spiral Math

TU Incubator Member Spotlight: Spiral Math

I first met David Robson, Co-Founder and Director of Education Outreach of Spiral Math, at the ‘Navigating School Systems’ workshop held here at the TU Incubator back in February 2016. At the time, David along with Joseph Mills, Robin Mudge, and Alfred Werner were developing

Class Compete Gamifies Test Prep

At the Towson University Incubator (d/b/a TU Incubator), we look for entrepreneurs and solutions who are a match for our program and who we believe can either change the game or who might initially be building a sustainable, independent lifestyle business. Either way, the impact