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2016 Economic Outlook Forum Wrap Up

Universities—their primary mission is to educate. Without a doubt, they also act as major economic engines for a region. As Greater Baltimore’s largest university and a major area employer, this is certainly true for Towson University. How does a region capitalize on the presence of

Mark Your Calendar for These Fall Events

Fall is in the air! For the Division of Innovation and Applied Research, that means gearing up for a busy line-up of events. Providing a platform for critical discussions and dialogues for the TU community and the professional community is an important initiative for both

Convening Support: LAPS for Autism

In a recent blog post, my coworker discussed how the Office of Partnerships and Outreach acts a convener, managing and supporting conversations and events for community partners as well as on-campus colleagues. One such on-campus colleague is the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, one