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A Timely Return to the Classroom

In late August, I return to the classroom as a lead (or, in this case, co-lead) teacher after a fourteen year hiatus. — Pause — “14 year gap?” — Pause some more. — “What gives?” The truth is, I need to breathe deeply and exhale before adequately attempting to explain. First, to me,

The Four Key Traits of an Education Entrepreneur

Dedication: Akin to my own journey, the following 9 stalwart founding education entrepreneurs evinced a self-disruption by leaving the formal education platform to tackle education’s toughest problems with scalable solutions. Effuse thanks — and keep doin’ it. Henry Blue of Alchemy Learning, Jess Gartner of Allovue, Alex

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A Great Resource for Grant Writers

If you work at a non-profit, a university, a government agency, or a private business, you have likely been involved in some aspect of the grant proposal process and know about the challenges and frustrations that come along with it. Our non-profit partners are probably