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Moving to Learn

Five Questions with Moving to Learn

In my last blog post, I wrote about how TU is supporting education across Maryland. I highlighted three partnerships that are advancing education in a variety of ways. For this post, the second in my ongoing partnership series, I wanted to delve deeper into another

2015 Year In Review

A couple months back, I wrote a blog post about my experience getting to know the Division of Innovation and Applied Research. I was new to my job and trying to learn as much as I could about who we were and what we did.

project management

Project Management Best Practices

Working as a Project Manager for the Center for Professional Studies (CPS) at Towson University, I often find myself immersed in a copious amount of projects that are all seemingly different. However, I believe the biggest aspect to project management is organization. Using the following

Mission-Driven Investing in Education

The Impact of a Portfolio Impact, mission-driven, or mission-related investing begins with discrete social goals and aims to yield tangible, scalable social + financial returns. To me, it is focusing on what you know, what you love, and where you know you can make a