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Baltimore EdTech Continues Growth

TU Incubator Hits Milestone There’s a storm coming to Baltimore, the kind you relish, that avails more innovation and change than ever before experienced. This storm affects Greater Baltimore’s citizens in a myriad of ways: health, energy, cyber security, manufacturing, retail, and, none too soon — education.

The Popularity of EdTech Products is Not Enough

For the past 150 years, Towson University has been Maryland’s top producer of teachers and is constantly working to enhance the educational experience, including ways to integrate technological advancements. Located on Towson’s campus, TU Incubator is uniquely positioned to help edtech (education technology used to

Class Compete Gamifies Test Prep

At the Towson University Incubator (d/b/a TU Incubator), we look for entrepreneurs and solutions who are a match for our program and who we believe can either change the game or who might initially be building a sustainable, independent lifestyle business. Either way, the impact

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EdTech Defined in Ten Key Terms

The following ten terms are key vocabulary for all innovative and entrepreneurial educators and education entrepreneurs, or anyone who wants to stay current in education innovation. The Who of EdTech First, let me highlight the two professional personas that drive the rationale for this post.

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‘EdTech Maryland’ as Ecosystem Exemplar

Acknowledgement: EdTech Maryland and the proposed future of education innovation and excellence in Maryland would not be possible without the following leaders: Andrew Coy, Jen Meyer, Jan Baum, Michael Baady, Frank Bonsal III, John Cammack, Bill Ferguson, Tom Sadowski, Katrina Stevens, and Vince Talbert. In