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Baltimore EdTech Continues Growth

TU Incubator Hits Milestone There’s a storm coming to Baltimore, the kind you relish, that avails more innovation and change than ever before experienced. This storm affects Greater Baltimore’s citizens in a myriad of ways: health, energy, cyber security, manufacturing, retail, and, none too soon — education.

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What’s an Education Innovation Cluster and How Do We Get One?

Last Thursday evening, the March rendition of the Baltimore EdTech meetup was fortunate to have Katrina Stevens speak on the subject of education innovation clusters (#edclusters). Katrina is a former Deputy Director of the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology and an expert


TU Incubator Member Spotlight: Mandrel

One of the great benefits of working at the TU Incubator is getting to work with a wonderful group of entrepreneurs with big ideas and the desire to make a real impact. This is especially true for our education technology members. Tara Gallant, Founder of

TU Incubator Hosts NMTC Inventor’s Portal Workshops

Where do the ideas come from that become the most desirable, useful, and world changing products, services, or software? Actually, they come from you, your neighbor, a problem solver, a student, just about anyone. On Monday, February 27, the TU Incubator is hosting the NMTC

Value at the Core of TU Incubator’s EdTech Innovation Showcase

Where Entrepreneurs, Customers, and Investors Engage The evening of Thursday, December 8, 2016 is a milestone for the Towson University Incubator, aka TU Incubator. At the EdTech Innovation Showcase, 50+ carefully chosen attendees will have the opportunity to engage with 12 companies who are solving

TU Incubator to Host EdTech Innovation Showcase

TU Incubator is proud to announce Speak Agent, Inc. as one of the featured EdTech companies presenting at the EdTech Innovation Showcase on December 8, 2016. The EdTech Innovation Showcase is a networking event featuring education entrepreneurs who are solving today’s K–12 and post-secondary challenges.