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Online Instruction and Learning: Designing the Grand Illusion

Most exemplary classrooms exhibit an ironic physical characteristic: the instructor is difficult to locate. Not in the front of the room, not lecturing, not at a podium; instead, most exemplary instruction takes place in the interaction of instructor and students/students and students in hands-on learning.

21st Century ICT Learning: Making it Work

Students hunch over their seats in rows, furiously copying notes, furtively glancing up as a teacher writes on a blackboard. The subject? Using secured digital resources to support collaboration in the workplace. What’s Wrong With This Picture? Teaching Information Communications Technology (it is now ICT)

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Visualizing Work Flows

In any business environment employees have different ways of solving problems. Defining clear processes will document each step in solving those problems, saving both valuable time and money. Process documentation can take many forms, including data flow diagrams and process modeling. Through data flow diagrams

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Business Process Management—Start at the Very Beginning

In my previous blog, I spoke of the importance of project initiation and the 5 W’s.  When you begin a new project, there is another important process that should be completed during the initiation phase—business process management. What is Business Process Management? Business process management

Taking Information Technology Professional Development to the Next Level

When is “professional development” truly “development”?  What aspect of a professional should it develop?  In evaluating the worth of professional development, what outcomes indicate that it hit the mark? Most of us have experienced professional development that developed only an active desire to flee the

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The Project Initiation Phase of the Product Life Cycle

As a consultant working with many clients in developing an information technology system or software application, there is a critical phase in the product life cycle that is almost always overlooked. The process of project initiation. Project initiation is the process of defining the who, what,

The Fight for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: 1 — ISPs: Zero As of Thursday, February 26, 2015, let the scoreboard show one point for Net Neutrality and zero points for Internet Services Providers (ISPs). Last year I discussed the looming battle that was taking place between ISPs and millions of

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Developing a Disaster Recovery Plan and Site

It’s a new year and it is time to start working on those resolutions. I am terrible about completing mine, I start off great but by mid-February they sort of drop off the radar; unless, I have a plan. The Division’s Applied Research and Technical

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What IT Project Documentation Do I Really Need?

If your organization has ever embarked on an IT project, you may have heard a lot of buzzwords when it came down to the documentation needed. System Requirements (one of my favorite), Communication Plan, Work Breakdown Structure, Test Plan, are just a few of the