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Why Am I a Geographer?

In January, I found Clay Hickson’s “My First Business” blog post very interesting.  The blog clearly illustrates how childhood interests and experiences can help determine one’s professional career later in life.  After reading Clay’s article, I could not help but wonder what childhood interests and

What Does Being Snowed in Mean for CGIS and MEMA?

At the time of this writing (Tuesday afternoon), many Marylanders are still digging out of last weekend’s blizzard, which dumped at least two feet of snow in most locations.  Maryland is in its fourth day of a State of Emergency with a new snowstorm approaching

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CGIS and FEMA’s Regional Catastrophic Preparedness Grant Program

The recent earthquake in Haiti not only acts as reminder of the vulnerability of communities to disasters caused by natural (earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, etc.) or man-made (nuclear power plant accidents, toxic material releases, etc.) events but it also reminds us that some disasters are so

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CGIS launches an exciting new way to view shallow water habitat data

The Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is a private organization dedicated to conserving and protecting coral reefs. In 2006, CGIS began working with the Foundation to develop a Web mapping application intended to disseminate data resulting from the Foundation’s research of the United States

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Event Wrap-up: Towson University, The Crossroads School, and GIS Day

Last month my blog focused on Towson University’s CGIS plans for November’s Geography Awareness Week. On November 18th, several CGIS employees and Dr. Todd Kenreich, Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the Department of Secondary Education at Towson University, hosted a GIS Day event on

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Geography Awareness Week

Sunday, November 15, marks the beginning of Geography Awareness Week, a week dedicated to promoting the importance of geography in the United States. The event was begun in 1987 by presidential proclamation and is held annually during the third week of November. The National Geographic

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Towson University, The Crossroads School, and GIS Day

Last Thursday, the first hour of WYPR’s Midday with Dan Rodricks program explored the question–How Do Innovations in Technology Affect Education?.  If you listened to the program, you heard Dr. Todd Kenreich, Associate Professor and Graduate Director in the Department of Secondary Education at Towson

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Working to Improve the Commuter Experience

On a good traffic day it takes me only about 40 minutes each way to commute from home to office. On a bad day, well, lets just say I’m happy to have my MP3 player plugged into my car’s stereo system. Responding to increasing concern

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Lessons Learned: Creating a KML-Enabled ArcGIS Server Map Service

With the increased popularity in Google Earth, the ability to consume ArcGIS Server (AGS) map services in Google Earth has become increasingly important. This blog focuses on an easily missed step that a GIS Specialist using AGS technology must take in order to create a dynamic map service that can be used in Google Earth.