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Excellence Awards Highlight Division Successes

Earlier this week the Division of Innovation and Applied Research held its 8th Annual Awards Breakfast. This is always a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and to recognize the accomplishments of the Division and of our peers. Interim vice president Dr. Daraius Irani

Convening Support: LAPS for Autism

In a recent blog post, my coworker discussed how the Office of Partnerships and Outreach acts a convener, managing and supporting conversations and events for community partners as well as on-campus colleagues. One such on-campus colleague is the Hussman Center for Adults with Autism, one

2015 Year In Review

A couple months back, I wrote a blog post about my experience getting to know the Division of Innovation and Applied Research. I was new to my job and trying to learn as much as I could about who we were and what we did.

Navigating the Student Launch Pad at Towson University

At the Student Launch Pad, we know that entrepreneurship happens within all disciplines. We’ve met and worked with Towson University students majoring in biology, economics, business administration, family studies, and many more. Working with diverse students has helped us create a variety of use cases

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New Tool Coming to the Student Launch Pad

One of the main goals of the Student Launch Pad at Towson University is to create a thriving culture of entrepreneurship among Towson students, faculty, and staff—because we believe every student has the power and choice to be an entrepreneur and create their own opportunities.

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Student Launch Pad Introduces New Workshop

With TU students back on campus for the spring semester the Student Launch Pad is continuing to build and grow new entrepreneurship opportunities for talented Towson students. This spring, in conjunction with our flagship programs—Entrepreneur U and Skill Builders—we will be launching a brand new