The Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation is a private organization dedicated to conserving and protecting coral reefs. In 2006, CGIS began working with the Foundation to develop a Web mapping application intended to disseminate data resulting from the Foundation’s research of the United States Virgin Islands. We utilized a template built from ESRI’s ArcIMS to develop the viewer. In 2009 the Foundation asked CGIS to provide a similar service to host research data for the Seychelles Islands, an Island nation off the coast of eastern Africa. We were eager to develop a new viewer using ArcGIS Server—ESRI’s latest Web mapping technology—and one of the new programming APIs (application programming interface) for Adobe Flex. The viewer recently went into production and is now publicly available. The Foundation is so pleased with the final product that we have been asked to update the United States Virgin Islands viewer with the new technology. The update will be publicly available soon.

Our video presents a brief introduction to the Living Oceans Foundation and a demo of the viewer’s capabilities.


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    Thanks for shirnag. What a pleasure to read!

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